july 4th 2008 025DonateToAFnFAnchorage Fairs & Festivals is Growing Community Through Celebration. A major aspect of our success is the creation of partnerships with businesses, individuals and other non-profit agencies. To operate a successful festival and community event takes the support of a large cross section of the population. This includes both cash donations and in-kind donations of goods, services, and volunteer efforts.

To volunteer your time and expertise please see the page Get Involved!

To donate goods or services please contact the event producer at 907-279-7500.Alaska-Kids-Celebrate-222x222

Currently we have two festivals, with the addition of others in the works. All events require printing, website help, media and promotion, on site refreshments for volunteers, help with set up and take down, clean up, and a host of other opportunities that can help brand your support of community events.

The best gift of all…

Nothing says support like financial support. Our current annual budget for festivals is nearly $200,000. At this time we earn more than 70% of our budget through vendors, tickets, and a host of smaller activities. That leaves us with the task of fundraising nearly 30% of our budget each year through the generous contributions of supporters and business sponsors. Businesses have the option to support all three festivals, any one, or a July 4th-463combination of them.

Sponsors are advertised at appropriate levels on printed materials, on site signage, and media/PR, which often includes television, extensive radio, printed, and electronic sources.

For information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact the event producer at 907-279-7500.

Individuals can make both time donations and monetary donations with a simple phone call or via the button to the right. Join us in Growing Community Through Celebration!