Tent City



Historic Tent City took place on July 25 & 26 in 2015

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A celebration of 100 years.

Historic July 1915, when the official documents were signed that created a city called Anchorage. A land auction parceled up all of the land and business began. That same year we started the Fire Department, Kimbals and a small group of businessmen organized the first Anchorage Chamber of Commerce.

100 years later the City and the Anchorage Chamber have grown and flourished. To celebrate this historic achievement the Anchorage Chamber, working with a host of sponsors, volunteers and staff presented the 2015 Tent City Festival.

Driven by business the Anchorage Chamber has developed a unique perspective for the centennial celebration. Each era was represented and connected to the industries that took hold and became part of the fabric that has become Anchorage Chamber. The earliest period 1915 into the 1920s was the time of the Railroad, mining the original Tent City. Replicas of this era and some of the industry history were included in this section. The 1920’s and 30’s saw the introduction and growth of aviation.

The Alaska Aviation Museum and a number of partners presented that story with artifacts, aviation history and a plane of two. After all, the Park Strip was the original landing strip in Anchorage. The 40’s and 50’s saw the amazing growth of population due to the military build up. Historic vehicles, modern technology and a host of military items decorated the event. The 60’s and 70’s brought two things. First the development of oil and gas in Cook Inlet which lead to our amazing partnership with resource development. Stories of that early development were presented as a part of this event.

The second big news was the 1964 earthquake. We used the sidewalk at F street that crosses the Park Strip to represent that historic event.

The 1980’s saw a boom in construction. Project 80’s literally re invented downtown Anchorage with new convention center, performing arts center, Sullivan arena and over 200 miles of paved bike trails. When we hit the 90’s and beyond we saw technology boom.

Our future is bright and we involved everyone in Anchorage in this celebration of our past and our future.

The festival also hosted a reenactment of the original land auction, lots of rides, activities, food, games and amazing sites, lots of music and so much history our guests were ‘almost’ overwhelmed.

Anchorage Chamber of Commerce